We are a professional organization of qualified security specialists ready to assist you with your physical security needs such as, customization and installation of lock hardware, key copies and replacements, safe sales and service, and much, much more.

If you need keys, you need to swing by A-1 today.

Specializing in all types of keys, from the most basic keys for simple locks to automotive, electronic and computer chip keys, our professional and experienced staff will help you find the exact keys you need.

If you need copies, we’ve got you covered. Locked out of your car? We’re there. And if you’ve recently moved or need your locks re-keyed, we can work with you on those projects as well.

Frequently Asked Questions

Since most hardware store employees are not licensed locksmiths, they are limited in the services that can provide.

Locksmiths are licensed and trained professionals in the field of lock maintenance and security.
Locksmiths generally use better and more accurate machines and higher quality keys blanks too. Our keys are much more accurate than those gotten elsewhere so that means a far greater chance of the keys working the first time.

Not all locks are created equal. A lock that cost you $18 may hold your door closed, but it will not have he reliability of the lock that cost $100, and that lock will not have the security features of the lock that cost $200. The answer to that really depends on many variables such as budget, the type of lock you are looking to buy, and most importantly, what you are trying to secure.

Locksmith quality locks are always much more secure than bargain priced hardware.

  • Because we have been around for 90 years, we finally learned how to do it right.
  • Combined, our staff has well over 100 years of experience and know the area as well as we know locking hardware and safes.
  • Most “locksmiths” listed online are mobile locksmith scammers and use fake addresses to make it look like they are your neighborhood lock shop.
  • They are unskilled locksmiths and very skilled crooks who will rip you off!
  • We are properly licensed, bonded, insured and have a large shop with 1000’s of locks and other hardware.
  • Thousands upon thousands of fine customers have used us for their security needs… You should too!