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Our professional, licensed and authorized locksmiths
will work with you to ensure that the safe or vault you
purchase is the right fit for you and your property.

Car Keys and Remotes

Don't tow your car to your mechanic or to the Dealer....let our mobile fleet come to your aid quickly and get you back on the road.

Car Keys and Remotes

Don't tow your car to your mechanic or to the Dealer....let our mobile fleet come to your aid quickly and get you back on the road.

Commercial and Residential

We are the experts in assisting you with the safest and most cost effective solution to your home or business security. We provide only the highest standard and quality service for your locksmith needs. Whether you’re protecting your home, or business, we have you covered.


Proximity or Prox Cards and Fobs are used in access control applications.
Locks or readers are programmed to accept or deny access to those that have these individual fobs.
Until now, if your apartment, condo, parking lot manager or employer gave you a fob or card, it was difficult to obtain extras and almost impossible if they limited the amount given out.  Lost or broken fobs could cost you over $100 to replace.

Today, we can copy or clone your RFID card or fobs and you can make as many as you wish.  Keep an extra in your other car, give one or more to family members, pet sitter, nurse or any others that should have a copy of your card.  Since all your cards are the same, the reader or lock can not tell which card is the one being used.  It is as if you were personally using your card even though you could be half a world away!

The information on our card or fob copies are stored in a central computer and even if you lose all your cards, we can make a new ones for you in a matter of minutes.
Keep in mind that our copies will always work just as long as the original one is still programmed into the system.

Our fobs come in a key chain fob design or a nickel sized sticker that you can adhere to your phone, clipboard or just about anything.


What Our Clients Are Saying About Us

I have used A-1 Lock for many years. I find them to be the most professional service company I have used in a long time. I have many business throughout the country and I only wish A-1 could service all of them. I really can’t say how much I appreciate the service i have received over the years.
Their location is very convenient too. Just a block off the freeway, makes it easy for me to get the keys I need on a frequent basis.


My son lost his keys to his 86 Cadillac Brouham, we called many places and some quoted us double what A-1 quoted us, Mark came on time got things taken care of in a timely manner and was very personable, we would recommend them to anyone!!

Jo D.

Had a broken key for my Lexus and the dealership wanted $150 to replace it. A-1 Lock and Key had the laser equipment to make a new key, the expertise to know the inner workings of the computer chip and had me on my way in a very short time. They treated me fairly, the dealership needs a lesson in fairness.

Bill H.