Locksmith or Mocksmith?

You should Know Who Is Making A Key For Your Home Or Business!

Did you know that almost 90% of all locksmiths found online or in phone books are NOT licensed to operate
as a locksmith in California? These fake locksmiths are crooks!

California State Licensing Information

If you call a locksmith to come and make keys at your home or business, you owe it to yourself to know if they are properly licensed.  All license holders must pass an FBI background investigation.  The unlicensed locksmith may or may not be a skilled locksmith (most times not) but if they can’t pass the criteria, DON’T let them make a key to your property. A-1 Locksmith Contractors State License Board Certificate Unskilled “locksmiths” are called “scammers” and have very little locksmith training or skills.  The normally drill out your locks and try to sell you new locks at very inflated prices.  They almost always quote a very low price and escalate the final price to ridiculous amounts.  When you question them about the higher price, they usually become agitated and rude.  They threaten to call the police and have you arrested for theft of service.  Do you think that this won’t happen to you?  It occurs to millions of people everyday.  Don’t be another victim!!!


What are they and How To Avoid Them?

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The unlicensed or scammer locksmiths can generally charge less that a legitimate locksmith because they don’t pay rent, workers comp, licensing fees, surety bonds, and the multitudes of other expenses that the legitimate locksmith needs to pay every month. Most of the time, the work they perform is sub par so you need to remember that the cheapest price is not always the least expensive.
A great way to find a licensed locksmith is to select one from the Better Business Bureau website. We are a BBB accredited shop with an A+ rating.


Even some legitimate locksmiths DON’T have a Contractor’s License. If your locksmith only works on cars, they do not need this license. If they work in or on any structure in the state and the job totals $500 or more, the Contractor’s License is required. It is a misdemeanor to bid or perform a job of $500 without this license. To get this license, one must pass a test and obtain a surety bond. You can click on the State of California Contractor’s License Board (CSLB) website to see if your locksmith currently has this license and see if there has been any corrective actions. A-1 Lock and Safe’s number is:

726174 – click on the number and you can check our status

Here is a link to check on any other locksmith:
You can check by name or license number.

ALL locksmiths that come to your home or place of business must have a locksmith permit issued by the State of California Bureau of Investigative Service – Department of Consumer Affairs.  If a locksmith NEVER performs any jobs for you that exceeds $500, they do not need the Contractors License as shown above but MUST have this locksmith permit.  If you use any locksmith that can’t show you this permit, DO NOT let them do any work for you as they most likely have a criminal background or some other reason why they can’t qualify for this permit.

To check if a locksmith has this permit, click here.

Our permit number is 1134 and you can click here to verify.

It is always best to know your locksmith in advance of any emergencies that could occur in the future.  We would love to be known as YOUR locksmith.

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